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Thursday, 29 May 2014

11 Easy ways to Earn Money

Many people find it difficult to earn money or get their job and life settles. This is no trick to get successful in life, but I have listed 11 simple ways to earn some cash while you don't even realize it. There are many different ways and different perception, but in the end one will be happy.

There isn't any simple way to do anything than to actually do it. One can read many great things, appreciate it but if you really liked it, then spread it to someone who needs it or implement self. 

It has to spread and you need to make sure you do your role so the knowledge gets the true reciprocation and the journey of this article goes on forever.

1-  This one's my favorite, open up a backyard lemonade stand. Make some sweet kids stand over there. This way the sales will go high. Recommended to open one in summer.

2- Sell old stuffs online in craiglist or ebay. I prefer ebay for more trust. Many-a-times this will clean the house with some cool cash in the hand.

3- Offer babysitting to the neighbors or tuition, whatever suits you. This way one can benefit from social bonding and also nice cash. Always ask for some cash upfront though.

4- Fill up forms for others online and earn some easy money doing it. Many people are either busy or lazy, so this will benefit us with easy cash at the end.

5- Donate your old toys to see the happiness on the face of a random kid. This ain't a way to earn money, but the happiness you will get is priceless.

6- Recommend your favorite services, many companies offer discount if you recommend their services, so you will get off on your next visit to them.

7- Dance in the streets. Okay you can sing too, or do an act. This way you can create an awareness and get some money as donations or earnings. Many do it for fake purposes, you can either do it for the right causes or just to spend on your shopping.

8- Save your money in the bank and not in your pillow, it will earn some interest. Your money just got little extra, enjoy it. This is the most easiest way, though the earnings is less, it is still something.

9- Collect waste, we do it everyday. The waste has a value and it can be used to generate energy or simply can be sold. But it needs to be in huge quantity, so one can do this every week in their society collectively.

10- Break your hobby of collecting things, many a times it happens that we collect things as a hobby and it grows to a huge collection worth much more. Find its value and sell it if you need real cash quick.

11- Listen to elders, as they have lot of experiences of going wrong so you can skip that mistakes and earn from the confident first leap. Sometimes experiences can earn you a degree of honor and money in the long run.


Definitely, you liked some of them, got surprised by few but it is now your turn to add some more or share your views about them.

Some might say, it is not that easy, let me clear that out- the idea and the implementation is comparatively easier. All these steps requires no tough calls to make, one can think and just go for it. Life is a mystical journey, you do your part and the rest follows like magic.

Photo Credit: Me sitting idle in nature, it is the only place where sitting idle is nice.