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Saturday, 21 June 2014

A Poem of Bullying

Bullying is very bad, but the truth is it happens and many of us have to go through it. I have indeed written ways to deal with bullying. The degree of seriousness requires should be taken from the fact that many documentary films, awareness program and new rules have came effective lately.

The instances of people using their power, and others ignorance to their benefit are on high radar. The responsibility lies in each of us.

We can either deal with it or overlook it, but the latter will come haunting us someday. Crime left unattended, only give rise to more of it. Enjoy the rhythmic flow, think with a smile on your face.

We all go through it
But few try to stop it,
Bullying is not good
Lets make promise, than eat food.

I was slapped, harassed
Tortured, left embarrassed,
I read signs of No Bullying
It seems it is an act of fooling.

Truth is very harsh sometimes
In start of college, no fun times,
I will stand for the inferior now
And try to make everyone wow.

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